This is the Nokia X6 and LG GD510 Pink Special Valentine's Day

Historic moment will soon arrive, february is a month later because of the love febreuari is about 14 days of love (Valentine's Day) for humans throughout the world. precious moment unconscious neglect by the renowned mobile phone vendors to achieve sales turnover through the handset. This was evidenced by Nokia with the X6 and LG GD510 Pink Pink special for Valentine's day.

Nokia X6

According to reports circulating Nokia was preparing a mobile X6 with new colors are pink on white and Black on Black. This latest mobile phone X6 will negate Come with music features with a capacity of 16 GB of internal memory rather than 32 GB. 16 GB version of the X6 is claimed akn cheaper around 100 euros compared to the 32 GB version. Pink on white version of the X6 16 GB is very well suited for monment special Valentine's Day.

LG GD510

Similarly, LG-mobile antusia also welcome Valentine's Day with mempersembahan LG GD510.

Created a special pink version of the moment, unlike Nokia and Daleman changing features of the X6 32 GB to 16 GB. LG still maintaining the same specifications as the launch. They just wrapped GD510 Motorola Pink color.

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