Mobile Gol offer from Vertu launched in Japan

handphone emas vertu

Mobile Gold from Vertu launched in Japan

Vendor called Vertu, which is world-class retail meluincurkan a luxurious mobile phone with materials made of pure gold in Japan. This launch of this luxury handset is a warning sign of age 1 year retail Vertu subsidiary in Japan.

Not just one but 4 out Vertu handsets at once, and from all of these handsets have a name that influenced the names unique to Japan, namely Kikusui, Kinko, Nanten and Daigo. The names are names of 4 seasons in Japan.

Do not ever imagine that a valuable vertu phone 1.8 billion rupiah (20 million yen / $ 215,000) and only available 16 fruit has exceptional specification and luxury as well, because that right would not you at all daprkan's luxury Vertu mobile phone. They only sell the luxury of not completeness. Barngannya made from the best materials and made by highly skilled team builder directly by using the hands. Are you interested to have it?

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