Price Mobile Esia music and Chat Can Be Modem to

esia music and chat

Mobile Esia Music chat, listen to music while online

Price Rp 299.00,-+ Task

Lots of new phones being offered and launched on its show Indonesia Cellular Show (ICS) in 2010 in Jakarta. The vendors fighting for a place to show their products are the latest to be recognized and preferred by consumers. One interesting product is the mobile phone "Esia Music Chat" in spite of its small design and still use the screen with upwards widening design, this handset has a great ability as an expensive phone that can be used to download songs, as an Internet modem for your PC, and have access to the Facebook site. In addition there are also applications embedded Opera Mini, Esia Messenger, and various other social networking features.

The emergence of this phone is very useful at all, especially to reduce the number of pirated music handpone once circulated in Indonesia. Because with this phone users can enjoy music with the easy and affordable cost. This handset is also claimed by Esia as most cheap MP3 music phone ever, because only with the price of Rp 299.000 +Task, you can enjoy the many features interesting and certainly a lot of advantages.

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