Price and Specification Samsung Star Nano 3G S3370 Series

Samsung Star Nano 3G seri S3370

Samsung Star Nano 3G seri S3370 specification

Price: $ 157

India is a large country with a growing economy, the State usually like this is a potential market for goods from foreign producers to sell goods there. Such conditions also experienced by Indonesia, many manufacturers from various countries came to offer goods, and even many developing countries diantra them successful. Reflecting from Samsung's success in India ever want to repeat that history with the release of the latest mobile phone product that is "Samsung Star Nano 3G S3370 series" This handset is a 3G phone which comes with a price affordable by the middle-end consumer class. As note that the previously Samsung has released handsets Samsung Corby TV in indhia to. For Samsung Star Nano 3G model they present with Candybar Touchscree and full support for the application of social Network Services (SNS). There were also mobile tracker feature that is useful when the phone is stolen.

Short Specification :
  • Camera: 1.3 megapixel
  • Network: GSM, 3G
  • Model: candybar touchscreen
  • Screen: 2.6 inci QVGA, TouchWiz UI
  • Application: Social Networking services (SNS)
  • Connection: Bluetooth,3G
  • Memory: eksternal slot microSD (2GB include)

Other Features: MP3 Player, FM Radio, Mobile Tracker, Samsung Apps

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