Offer "Samsung Galaxy S Femme" Android Smartphone Only For Women

Samsung Galaxy S Femme

Samsung Galaxy S Femme Android phone For Girls

Creativity vendo r phone and the quality was very determine their eksisitensi in local and international phone market. Samsung as one of the largest mobile phone vendor in the world and is the largest electronic manufacturer in Korea has recently announced an Android mobile phone designed specifically for users with female gender. Smartphone with the name "Samsung Galaxy S Femme" comes with a pink color looks lovely.

These handsets are sold in packs of beauty products from the United States that developed in Korea by the name of Aveda. So that at any Samsung product purchased Femme Galaxy S is the consumer will also receive a package of beauty products from Aveda. Such a breakthrough would make Samsung more great demand by consumers.

For the specification is still no official statement from Samsung, if has the same spec with Samsung Femme S Galaxy which launched yesterday or whether they differ. But it appears there was a 4GB microSD memory bonus on the purchase order to each package.

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