Peeking Great Features "Nexian Tap NX-G868" Online Phone 2011 With Touchscreen and 2MP Camera

Nexian Tap NX-G868-9

Peeking great features Nexian Tap NX-G868

Nexian continue to invade the Indonesian mobile market with various kinds of latest mobile phone products, though they come from china but Nexian have successfully mastered the low-end class segment in the Indonesian market. Their products are always accepted and enjoyed by consumers, the latest series of handsets they offer online with a series of ". Nexian Tap NX-G868". This device is different from previous nexian product, because this new series comes with a touchscreen and a more luxurious model.

Nexian Tap also features a camera with 2 mega pixel resolution and application widgets on the home screen. This product will give new color on the design and quality of Chinese products and locally in the mobile market of Indonesia. Consumers can enjoy a cheap handset with a luxury model.

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